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Please note.... we are a bonafide well established business. We have invested several thousand pounds in specialised equipment in order to produce and accurately measure the content of our colloidal silver. We have a purpose built manufacturing facility and we are able to supply consistant, top quality colloidal silver in any quantity. All orders are freshly made. No stock is held as our purpose built generators are able to produce up to 100 litres per day.


You can now order by phone as well as online.

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No credit card details are stored either on paper or electronically. We do not pass any information to third parties.

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This line is for placing orders only.
No medical advice can or will be given.
For all other enquiries please use the following email

Emails are normally answered within 2 hours but at busy times may take a little longer.


Much of the colloidal silver offered for sale online is of poor quality. It is relatively easy to make colloidal silver, but very difficult to make good, useful colloidal silver.
Most are made using pure guesswork as to the strength as they do not have the necessary measuring equipment. Some is even made using tap water, which should never be used. Also, it should always be made using 99.999% fine silver which comes with a certificate of analysis. We know that this is difficult to get (we had to get ours from the US), and most home sellers do not use it, which makes the product useless.

Thanks to our own design purpose built generators (all generators have to be of medical grade) we are able to produce in batches of 20 litres. This makes the product more stable, of a consistant higher quality and is cheaper to produce. Most sellers are using small generators designed for home use which typically produce less than 1 litre of questionable quality CS. You can tell if sellers are using home equipment as the products offered will be in smaller ammounts (ie. largest bottle around 300ml/500ml) as they do not have the capacity to sell 1 litre bottles.

Also, because we are the UKs biggest supplier, with many regular repeat customers, we are able to buy bottles, packaging etc. at bulk prices, so savings can be passed on. We can only keep the low prices by selling high volumes so keep buying from us to keep prices low!!

We try for same day despatch on all orders received by 4pm. All orders are sent by Royal mail first class or tracked courier.

NOTE:  Our low prices do not mean lower quality. Our colloidal silver is as good as any in the uk and much better than most. Due to our purpose built manufacturing plant we are the only manufacturer able to produce in batches of 20 litres at a time, which lowers the cost and ensures a more stable and consistant quality. Every batch is left to mature in the manufacturing vessel for 24 hours to ensure stability.

Some people are selling colloidal silver for a ridiculously high price. There is no reason for this other than greed. A well made colloidal silver cannot be made better, therefore companies making good colloidal silver are all selling exactly the same product, despite what they may imply. There is no reason for the huge disparity in price.

Colloidal Silver is classified by the EU as an anti microbial solution. It is not a food or mineral supplement.

Besides the traditional uses, there are many other non medicinal uses:-
Keeps boat/motorhome/caravan water systems fresh during winter and periods of non use.
Can be used to clean worktops/food preparation areas.
Can be used on sick plants, particularly for fungal infections.
Can be put into hot tubs where it will circulate in the system and help control bacteria.
Racing pigeon and poultry keepers use colloidal silver to treat sick birds.
We know that some vets use colloidal silver as we have supplied them.

There is a wealth of independant information available online.

Why Our colloidal silver is the best available.

It is made using pure distilled water from our own distiller, an ultra stable mains operated power supply providing a constantly regulated current, and silver rods of 99.999% purity. Each batch is tested for the correct strength using a special meter which measures total dissolved solids in water in parts per million (ppm).

Our standard strength is approx.14ppm which is stronger than most others, who supply 10ppm. Although strength means nothing if the particle size is not controlled. We also make a stronger suspension of 25ppm. Both strengths are 80-85% ionic and 15-20% particulate, and are clear due to our manufacturing process which controls particle size. All prices are inclusive of postage and packing and usually same day despatch, or next day if ordered after 4pm.

Why are we better ?

We use distilled water of less than 1ppm purity.
If distilled water is not used the impurities already dissolved in the water increase the current flow in the manufacturing process which results in a larger particle size whic is much less effective. It is also virtually impossible to measure the dissolved silver content.

Please note: We believe that most suppliers are using filtered water instead of distilled. Without extremely complex filters you cannot get anywhere near the purity of distilled water. Commercial distillers like ours cost almost £2,000 and we do not believe that any other colloidal silver manufacturer in the uk has made that kind of investment.

We use 99.999% fine silver.
If less pure or sterling silver is used the impurities in the silver will be imparted into the colloid. The result can contain toxic substances and the colloidal silver it produces will be useless.

We use a regulated controlable power supply.
Most suppliers use cheap battery operated supplies. As batteries are depleted the voltage gradually drops. This results in a poor quality product. Our supply is controlled and adjusted to maintain our minute particle size. Particle size is much more important than strength, because if the particles are too large it does not matter how strong it is, it will not be useful to the body.

Each batch is tested and measured for strength & consistancy.
Every batch is tested for strength using a special meter to measure the total dissolved solids suspended in the water. This ensures accuracy and consistency of strength.

Supplied in medical grade amber bottles and well packaged.
Colloidal silver should never be supplied in clear bottles as it will react with the light over time and the silver particles will darken.

Please remember, you cannot "enhance" colloidal silver. PH values are all similar and are basically irrelevant. Structured water is total nonsense. These and many other wild claims are just some of the ways sellers find to try and make their CS seem worth the extra money they charge.

It is an absolute fact that properly produced CS using electrolysis and steam distilled water will be exactly the same product no matter who produces it.

You will not get better quality but you can pay much more money - quite simply, if you pay more you will be throwing money away.

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